Storytelling Rates

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Each of my stories is original with the exception of “The Whole Story Of Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” which provides an original sequel to the traditional story.

My Rates are based on the following criteria:

1. Length of performance.

2. Preparation time – All performances are tailored to the specific audience, individual or group, and the venue. Research, planning, gathering materials, conferring with clients, and set-up time are included in the preparation.

3. Number of people attending – Planning logistics will increase in complexity with the size of the audience.

4. Type of venue -Non-profit, corporate sponsored, private parties…

5. Number of performances-Single Engagement, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally.

6. Distance traveled.

7. Out of town fees (travel, food and lodging). – These are all determined on a case by case basis.

Please contact me for an estimate, based on your criteria parameters.


My fee at a local Preschool for is $75 for a once a month, half-hour performance, or 45 minute performance $125 for 24 children.

My fee is $200 if I make photocopies of my story to combine with the class’s illustrations so each child can have their own book.
My total travel time is 45 minutes and my preparation time is 30 minutes. This rate reflects the fact that this is an ongoing engagement.

My fees for birthday parties range from $125-$200, depending on the above criteria.