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A website for children who love

to listen to stories & fairytales, and for those who believe that one of the best ways to teach morality, ethics and compassion to children, is to touch their heart and capture their imagination by entertaining them with a good story.

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Children’s Story Teller and Author, Madeleine Sklar, ‘Amma’

All stories and their accompanying lesson plans, for educational enrichment, are my own original creations.*

Children are invited to submit illustrations of their favorite tales from my site so they can see their own and other children’s art in the gallery.

As an artist and writer, I believe the most important function of the arts is to inspire the imagination, so the mind can enter the world of possibility where all forms of invention are born.

People, who as children learn to question, to visualize and to be independent, creative thinkers, are our greatest defense against tyranny.
We have many stories available, children’s stories with morals, unique stories created by amma, and other great fairy tales to keep children engaged and learning.

* All stories herein are original products of Madeleine Sklar’s imagination,
except for the character of Goldilocks & the first half of “The Whole Story Of Goldilocks & The Three Bears”.

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