Sep 11 2012


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Sometimes a cynical voice in my head speaks: “Since both parties, even some members of our Supreme Court, are now beholden to corporate interests, and money seems to rule our elections, what’s the point of voting?”

Then, I feel helpless and overwhelmed by sadness about what is happening to our Democracy.

Nevertheless, because I am basically an optimistic person, I answer myself: “This is true. However, there are sizable differences between each candidate’s goals and values. Even if there is corporate influence on both sides, the personal values, goals, and platforms of the candidates are important. Furthermore, if I do not vote, I am relinquishing every last hope I might have to influence the path of our collective future. By not voting I’m saying, ‘I give up, you do it.’”

I believe voting is important because even if my candidate doesn’t win, at least I’ve tried.

I believe in voting, because there are people with money and power who count on me giving up, so they can slide into office on the back of my apathy.

I believe voting is important because I want to have a voice. In spite of the wealth of forces assembled against it, I refuse to give up. I will not relinquish even the faintest possibility of having a voice.

And so, I continue to hope against hope. And I vote.

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