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Apr 17 2012


PRINCE CHARMING “You can’t escape death or taxes.” Hiding her earnings, she’d escaped taxes. “Now, for death,” she thought, sliding her young, dying body into the cryogenic pod. “Look, Snow White!” a metallic voice said, opening her enclosure. “One kiss, she’s mine!” Wondering how long she’d slept, her eyes fluttered open to meet his intent […]

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Apr 09 2012


RAIN Raindrops echoed the relentless click of her prosecutor’s high heels approaching the stand. “Where were you the night of January, 24 Mrs. Johnston?” Alone now; even her pillow couldn’t shut out the accusing drops striking the tin drainpipe of their house, repeating the one question she could never truthfully answer. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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