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Apr 26 2012


Driving over the mountains her ears plugged up. Beside her, his tiresome voice blurred to a grey drone. The radio flickered, static; then silence. Snow clouds released their heavy burden. Sky and road merged in white brilliance. Blindly she drove into the light. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 20 2012

SERPENT NATURE (A short, short true story)

This story was inspired when my daughter had a pet snake, although we actually had to free the mouse and give it another since hungry as she was she woldn’t eat her friend) SERPENT NATURE She’d been lonely when it appeared. At first shy, now when tired, it nestled its small body against her, as […]

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Apr 10 2012

HOUSEHOLD SAINT (another short,short story)

HOUSEHOLD SAINT On her birthday, we lit a candle and placed the cup of coffee near her photograph. It was one of her last requests: “Do I smell coffee?” and “Where’s Isaac?” before he knelt in front of her at eye level. And she’d said, “I want to go quick.” …Then, left. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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