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Apr 07 2012


THE ODD COUPLE Seeing her beloved husband asleep, she unzipped the thin seam at her pubis, tucked the shed skin beneath their bed, and flew into the night. Following breakfast, he kissed her. Then, as always, drove to a solitary spot, unzipped the seam beneath his beard and scampered out into the meadow. Madeleine Sklar© […]

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Mar 13 2012


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The first time my marriage to Bob ended was the day he told me it was over. We’d been happily married barely three years when we were befriended by Russ and Joan who decided to make us their acolytes. Sadly, my poor husband fell under the spell of their version of the ultimate truth. Unfortunately […]

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Feb 09 2012


Love… A rose… An offering and receiving… A free fall… A leap of faith… With strings attached… A garden… A feast… An egg… An onion… Milk of human kindness… Passion and… Compassion… An endangered species… A design for living… An Art.

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