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Feb 10 2012


Seeing the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Gay rights to marry, made me wonder when those of us who were adopted will be granted the same rights every other US citizen has… to know their roots. Those of us who were given up for adoption and were adopted by agencies who practiced, “Closed adoptions,” […]

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Feb 08 2012


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Having had an incredibly easy time conceiving our first child, by the time our darling was almost three, having forgotten the misery of her birth, my husband and I decided to have a second. So one night we set out our romantic candles and welcomed in the next blessed spirit. Nevertheless, what had been easy […]

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Jun 14 2010

Thoughts Concerning Adoptees Rights To Know Their Roots

Adoptees right to know their roots should be a basic civil right:
I believe that everyone over age twenty-one deserves the right, to know any and all information concerning their biological origins. Therefore it’s imperative such information concerning their original birth family and subsequent adoption, be declassified for the following reasons: 1) Medical and genetic, 2) Potential for accidental incest, 3) Depravation of civil rights granted to all other adults.

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