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Jun 22 2012


NEW WAND She’d just finished her new wand, when the mischievous fairies stole it. One moment it was here, the next gone. We searched everywhere. Every day we passed through our curtained doorway. Then one October morning, it hung at eye level barely clinging to the curtain’s edge. The fairies had returned it before leaving […]

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Jun 21 2012


THE SELKIE Her longing drew him. He plunged. Swam through the chill water, with long strokes past seals dotting the rocky coastal edge. He entered the cave’s dark mouth. Sunlight through a high crevasse illuminated her watery chamber. He stared transfixed. She opened her arms and heart toward him. A moment, then vanished, forever. Madeleine […]

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May 04 2012


The Bone Bread with its crusty exterior and soft nutty flavored interior provided the ideal complement to the bean soup. Baby trees with golden egg hollandaise, proved to be a rich accompaniment to the delectably tender Rack of Jack. While the singing harp lent atmosphere, perfect for a romantic date.   Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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May 02 2012

PARADISE LOST… AGAIN (A short, short, flash)

The Devil, always knowing when we were happily oblivious, and doing fine, appeared to be having a good laugh as the part of the Great Multi-One, who, while talking to His/Her self, had made Their Almighty, omniscient mind up, to mess with us all just one more time. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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May 01 2012


AWAKENING IN A PERFECT WORLD Shikina carefully drew her bow across the strings. Small birds surrounded her. Larger birds settled on nearby branches. She played on. Rainbows flew from her strings becoming flowers. Animals and people, one by one took their place in her beautiful circle. Peace filled Her loving re-creation. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 26 2012


Driving over the mountains her ears plugged up. Beside her, his tiresome voice blurred to a grey drone. The radio flickered, static; then silence. Snow clouds released their heavy burden. Sky and road merged in white brilliance. Blindly she drove into the light. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 25 2012

FALSE IDOLS (a short, short passover story)

Gray ocean walls fold over Pharaoh’s army. On the insecure, shifting sands of paradox, fear always seeks absolutes, and so we enslave ourselves. The easy answer creates our golden calf. Later, when forced to abandon that golden calf, we, fearing true freedom, still refuse to abandon some One Right Answer. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 24 2012


SPRING CLEANING “Iris, heads like spears, knife-shaped leaves, hands in prayer, pressing through dark unconscious earth seeking the light. Is it not the same for us?” She turned from the window. “Of course, Dear. … don’t forget the laundry.” Eyes glued to the game, he startled, hearing their door slam behind her for the last […]

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Apr 20 2012

SERPENT NATURE (A short, short true story)

This story was inspired when my daughter had a pet snake, although we actually had to free the mouse and give it another since hungry as she was she woldn’t eat her friend) SERPENT NATURE She’d been lonely when it appeared. At first shy, now when tired, it nestled its small body against her, as […]

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Apr 18 2012


TRAP Voices shouted:  “Hands up!” “Drop your guns!” “Drop them!”        Didn’t they realize he couldn’t? He stood. Waving his outstretched arms, desperately trying to signal before their shots whirled and dropped him. Drawing closer, they noticed his mouth clear-taped shut and guns duct-taped to his hands. Then shots rang out and they too fell. […]

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