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Apr 20 2012

SERPENT NATURE (A short, short true story)

This story was inspired when my daughter had a pet snake, although we actually had to free the mouse and give it another since hungry as she was she woldn’t eat her friend) SERPENT NATURE She’d been lonely when it appeared. At first shy, now when tired, it nestled its small body against her, as […]

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Apr 08 2012


HIS SHOES When the old man’s dress shoes were donated to a thrift store, Mady bought them for her son’s concert. She and his father listened spellbound. His vibrant saxophone notes poured forth, tumbling over slick black toes. After graduation, the outgrown shoes languished in his deserted room. Now his father wears their shiny barely […]

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Apr 05 2012


  Her eyes hypnotically followed Mother’s impeccably dressed, slim form delicately climb the polished mahogany stepladder. She watched her white-gloved hands stroke each shelf, traveling around window frames and over furniture. She watched Mother carefully caress the room’s upper moldings, checking for dust. Terrified of what Mother might find.         Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Feb 24 2012


DARE When my children were still in school, there was much talk about the “Dare Program,” which had begun to be introduced in the elementary schools. The program’s purpose was to give children life skills that would to help them avoid involvement with alcohol and drugs. “DAUGHTERS BE STRONG,” is one of my few rhyming […]

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Feb 10 2012


Seeing the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Gay rights to marry, made me wonder when those of us who were adopted will be granted the same rights every other US citizen has… to know their roots. Those of us who were given up for adoption and were adopted by agencies who practiced, “Closed adoptions,” […]

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Feb 09 2012


Love is not only an emotion. It’s not merely a warm fuzzy feeling of goodness you fall into, as much of our popular culture would have us believe. It isn’t a lake or even an armchair we can move where ever we want, even abuse yet still relax into. Love is not a noun, a […]

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Jan 31 2012


I allowed myself to be goaded into loosing my temper at a friend when the more appropriate response would have been to brush off his remark and/or leave the room. Instead of rationalizing and denying my immature, behavior, I accepted my daughter’s criticism and apologized for blowing it. Sometimes all I can do is to […]

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Dec 20 2011


SHOPPING White eyelet dresses, Blankets pale pink and teal blue, Baby dolls and Teddy bears, I shop for my childhood — and you.  

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Aug 16 2011


“When to start feeding pureed food?” “What baby food is best?” “When to introduce solid food?” It seems as soon as one’s infant is a couple of months old suddenly these questions become of sudden pressing importance. First of all, I never bought pureed food for my little ones. It was too expensive. It didn’t […]

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Aug 10 2011

Deciding Whether Or Not To Have A Second Child

My husband’s theory concerning why people choose to have a second child is that these little spirits who want to come in whisper to the unsuspecting parents ear: (who by now has forgotten the discomfort of pregnancy and birth of child #1)  “i’ll be so cute. Don’t worry I’ll be easy. I’ll hardly ever cry. […]

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