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Apr 20 2012

SERPENT NATURE (A short, short true story)

This story was inspired when my daughter had a pet snake, although we actually had to free the mouse and give it another since hungry as she was she woldn’t eat her friend) SERPENT NATURE She’d been lonely when it appeared. At first shy, now when tired, it nestled its small body against her, as […]

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Apr 18 2012


HAUNTED HOUSE Her parents claimed it was her imagination: Evenings, she’d scream, hearing ghostly whispers or feeling dead fingers stroke her neck. Even after her family moved away, the ghosts’ breath, tangled Indian smoke signals in her memory. A half-century later, she’d return with her son to discover her childhood’s blue handprints, waiting, behind the […]

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Apr 10 2012

HOUSEHOLD SAINT (another short,short story)

HOUSEHOLD SAINT On her birthday, we lit a candle and placed the cup of coffee near her photograph. It was one of her last requests: “Do I smell coffee?” and “Where’s Isaac?” before he knelt in front of her at eye level. And she’d said, “I want to go quick.” …Then, left. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 09 2012


RAIN Raindrops echoed the relentless click of her prosecutor’s high heels approaching the stand. “Where were you the night of January, 24 Mrs. Johnston?” Alone now; even her pillow couldn’t shut out the accusing drops striking the tin drainpipe of their house, repeating the one question she could never truthfully answer. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 08 2012


HIS SHOES When the old man’s dress shoes were donated to a thrift store, Mady bought them for her son’s concert. She and his father listened spellbound. His vibrant saxophone notes poured forth, tumbling over slick black toes. After graduation, the outgrown shoes languished in his deserted room. Now his father wears their shiny barely […]

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Apr 07 2012


THE ODD COUPLE Seeing her beloved husband asleep, she unzipped the thin seam at her pubis, tucked the shed skin beneath their bed, and flew into the night. Following breakfast, he kissed her. Then, as always, drove to a solitary spot, unzipped the seam beneath his beard and scampered out into the meadow. Madeleine Sklar© […]

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Apr 06 2012


LOVE BUG Every time she had sex, the relationship always ended the same way. Never before had she given any thought as to the meaning of life. But this time, nibbling on his head before she carefully laid her eggs along the length of his lifeless body, she began to wonder. Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 05 2012


  Her eyes hypnotically followed Mother’s impeccably dressed, slim form delicately climb the polished mahogany stepladder. She watched her white-gloved hands stroke each shelf, traveling around window frames and over furniture. She watched Mother carefully caress the room’s upper moldings, checking for dust. Terrified of what Mother might find.         Madeleine Sklar© 2012

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Apr 04 2012


FAMILY TIES Her father’s chair was uncomfortable. Sitting in its embrace she imagined Story-time, warm smells of tobacco and wool. And that last day he put her down, arms rigid as the chair’s, saying, “You’re too old for laps.” Still, she was afraid to throw it away. Afraid she’d lose him, again.

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Apr 03 2012


Lovingly watching the beings, created in our image, play. Our restless mind creates doubt: “Do they really love us?” We make a test—“NO!” — Although our parent voice says, “love tests always fail.” Later, furious at their attempted cover-up, we evict them, and bring death to our perfect likeness.

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