Feb 02 2012


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Unfortunately, in my hurry to do the laundry last week, I didn’t see my little Sandisk player still nestled in the pocket of my workout pants, until I heard a clank against the side of the dryer, when I tossed in my wash.

Looking for the source of the sound, I saw… There it lay on the perforated metal with its little ear-buds, yanked off by the washer, a tangle of wire, winding between a pillow case and pant leg. Immediately I snatched it out of the dryer and pushed its on button. Nothing. I cursed my carelessness.

At dinner, I told my husband the sad fate of my mp3 player. “I’ve an Idea,” he said and returned a moment later holding a sandwich bag filled with silica packets from vitamin bottles, saved for storing his microphones. He plopped in the Sandisk player and closed the bag.

A week later, we fished the little mp3 player out of the baggy. I pushed the on button and watched amazed as its blue writing flashed on. Plugging in the ear-buds… Heaven! My sounds were back. And I could return to the gym with Sandisk, my favorite work out partner.

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