Madeleine Sklar

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Madeleing Rose Sklar

First and foremost, I am a mother, and now a grandmother.  


When my children were young, I ran a daycare business and taught. My granddaughter, who loves stories, inspired me to write and record my imaginative tales so that she could listen to them whenever she wanted.

At my daughter's (her mother’s) suggestion I created this website for all children who love to listen to and/or read fairytales and magical stories.


Many children and adults who have enjoyed my stories and their accompanying lesson plans have found them to be entertaining, inspiring, educational, and even healing.


I invite the children to submit illustrations of their favorite stories from my site so they can see their own (and other children’s) in the gallery. There is also a forum for parents who are looking for parenting tips and advice, or who enjoy poetry and the arts.



Story telling is one of the earliest methods of teaching and inspiring children. It is one of the essential ways for helping creative imaginations grow.


For most of human history, oral traditions have been the primary way children learned about their culture. The spoken word has been a major influence on human development.


If we want to keep the oral traditions and awareness of the beauty of the spoken word alive, we need to promote children’s auditory literacy with preschool and elementary literacy activities and storytelling. 


I am and have been an advocate for alternative methods of learning. Because I believe in the ability to visualize, and the importance of the arts in intellectual development, I created this story website.

“As an artist and writer, I believe the most important function of the arts is to open the mind creatively so that one might enter the world of possibility where all forms of invention are born. ”


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